Q Will I have a single point of contact? When I ring up I want to speak to someone who is knowledgeable about my event.

A We appoint an Account Manager for each event regardless of size. Each Account Manager is assisted by another Account Manager who will also be familiar with your event.

Q We have an exhibition with paying seminars. We want people to be able to pre-book them and also be able to book them onsite. Is this something you can provide?

A Yes. We offer conference booking pre-event via web, telephone, post and fax. We also provide the facility to book and pay for seminars at the exhibition.

Q We want to be able to distinguish our guests easily at the event i.e. VIPS, Press etc. How would you recommend we can do this?

A The most prominent distinction is to use colour coded wallets to categorise your visitors. We supply wallets in a variety of colours and fastenings.

Q We like the idea of lanyards so we have sponsorship from an exhibitor on them. Are you able to provide these?

A Yes.We can provide a variety of styles and colours of lanyards. These can be printed with your sponsor logo. Each job is individually quoted for.

Q We have been to other exhibitions where light pen scanners have been used at the event and they almost invariably failed to work efficiently. Do you use the same scanners?

A No. We use Panasonic ZE86 scanners which are very accurate and easy to use. They are the size of a credit card so fit neatly into the palm of the hand. They do not require any physical contact between the scanner and the person being scanned.

Q The last registration company we used provided our post show statistics about one week after the event. How long does it take for you to provide them?

A We turn around the statistics in 1-2 days depending on the work involved. We know how important your post show statistics are to you and aim to get these to you with as much efficiency as accuracy allows.

Q Are you able to provide onsite statistics/counts whilst the show is running?

A Absolutely. We supply onsite statistics on demand as often as you like so you have a true picture for press briefings etc.

Q We are only operating a small event and therefore have a very tight budget. We feel we can handle the onsite registrations ourselves would this be possible?

A Of course. We will provide you with a registration terminal and give you full training on the software. You will then be able to set up the equipment and produce badges yourself at the show so we do not need to attend onsite so reducing your costs.

Q We want to be able to offer a telephone enquiry line/registration line. Are you able to provide this?

A Yes we can. We allocate a specific line for your show and answer it by the event name. The people who answer the phones are the people who work on your show every day so have good knowledge about your event.

Q Are you able to offer an email enquiry service?

A Yes – we provide a dedicated email address which can be used on your literature for any enquiries.

Q If we want our postal registrations to be retuned to a freepost address are we able to have them sent direct to you?

A You are welcome to set up a freepost address to our offices, alternatively you are welcome to use our own freepost address.

Q Who would be actually working on the event onsite?

A The first point of physical contact for your visitors is the registration area, so it is vital they are greeted with a professional, friendly, effective and helpful team. Our excellent relationships with specialised staffing agencies ensures regular staff working on our events, all of whom have been fully trained on our software to ensure maximum productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

We have used Show Data Systems for our registration fulfillment and database management for many years and have always found them to be extremely helpful and efficient.

~ Stephen J Briars, Events Director, Christian Resources Exhibitions (Bible Society)/p>